Hola, yo soy Nate.

I used to not know any Spanish at all, and I had no interest in learning the language. I thought learning Spanish would be boring, a waste of time, and would provide no value to my life. Then I started taking Spanish classes in high school and everything changed for me. I struggled with learning the language a lot at first, but thanks to my teachers and Spanish speaking friends, they helped make the learning process fun. Within a few months, I had gotten to a conversational level, but more important, I had become a more confident person. The real win for me, though, was the friendships I made and strengthened. I discovered that not only did I have higher self esteem, but being out in the real world with people, whether old friends or new ones I met, made me feel more alive and connected with the world around me. Now it's my mission to change your life with Spanish like it's changed mine.


Want To Know Exactly How I Learned Spanish?

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