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"I've never met a gringo with such mind-blowingly good Spanish as Nate. But beyond that, he's a really excellent and patient teacher, which I can say from personal experience!" - XiaoMaNYC, 5M+ YouTuber

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"I used to not know any Spanish at all, and I had no interest in learning the language. I thought learning Spanish would be boring, a waste of time, and would provide no value to my life. Then I started taking Spanish classes in high school and everything changed for me. I struggled with learning the language a lot at first, but thanks to my teachers and Spanish speaking friends, they helped make the learning process fun. Within a few months, I had gotten to a conversational level, but more important, I had become a more confident person. The real win for me, though, was the friendships I made and strengthened. I discovered that not only did I have higher self esteem, but being out in the real world with people, whether old friends or new ones I met, made me feel more alive and connected with the world around me."